How I became a homeopath...

 In 1980 I was born into a middle class family. My parents took good care of me, but being a rather wispy child, I often was a source of worry to them - so I ended up a slightly overprotected kid. At that age, I suffered a lot from not being allowed everything and being different from the other children.


But I wasn't going to put up with this "fate"!


So in 2006 I first went to see a naturopath about my discomfort. She gave me that good feeling to be heard and accepted the way I am. Not only did the treatment cure my physical ailments, but the change in the hormonal system also caused my mood to go way up - suddenly I was much more self-confident, full of energy and ready to take on everyday life!


At this point I decided to learn the craft of healing myself and help other women to calm down, find new strength and get fresh energy for life. In 2010 I passed my official exams and in 2013 began treating patients. Since that time I have expanded my skills and knowledge on a variety of therapies, including homeopathy, herbal remedies, osteopathy, reflexology and Integrative Rebalancing.


I like best working with women who - having to bear the burden of managing work and family - feel utterly drained, overwhelmed and left all alone as far as solving their problems is concerned.

The aim of my treatment is to give them new energy, more rest and balance for their lives.



My holistic career includes:


2007-2010                          professional training (naturopathy school G. Mene-

                                           bröcker, Saarbrücken)


2010                                  internship (holistic office Erbel, Saarbrücken)


2010                                  exams with the public health department


2010-2012                         training Classic Homeopathy           

                                          (Netzwerk Homöopathie Saar, Niederwürzbach)


2011                                  Osteopathy for cervical and thoracic spine (FDH,



2011                                  introduction to Intergrative Rebalancing (N. 

                                          Zemelko, Saarbrücken)


2012 -2014                       congress "Homeopathy for mental health"

              (Narayana publishers, Bad Krozingen)


2012                                 training Reflexology (R. Gehring, St.



2013                                 seminar "Homeopathic milk remedies" (A. Krüger,



2013                                 seminar "Heavy metals in homeopathy" (G.

              Ruster, Niederwürzbach)


2015                                 seminar "Mediality and sensitivity" (A. Krüger,