Services & Prices

Appointment on short notice "Emotional lifesaver"

(60 minutes) - 65€


You are going through emotional trouble, but the time until your first meeting with a therapist is just too long to bear?

I help you bridge this difficult gap phase so you can find your very own lifesaver.

Please call and ask for an appointment on short notice.

  • counseling
  • homeopathic consultation
  • The Minerva Method (TM) - a lifesaver for the soul
  • Strategies for dealing with your emotional distress

Anti stress package - 225€


You are forever stressed out and need a possibility to unwind for good?


  • 1st appointment (60-120 minutes, depending on your needs)
    • a first homeopathic interview to precisely identify your situation
    • Focus: identifying stress factors
    • first ideas about the solution
    • prescription of the matching homeopathic remedy
  • 2nd-5th appointment (45 minutes)
  • Analysis of the healing process
  • Focus: - relaxation exercises  - Alternative behaviour in stressful situations - Boundaries - The Minerva Method (TM): a lifesaver for emotional distress
  • Balancing massage
  • Change of the homeopathic prescription if necessary


Health Subscription package


You would like to get regular naturopathic treatment at an affordable price?


Then the health subscription package is for you!

For only 160€ per month you get up to 8 treatments of 30 minutes each.

A choice of methods:

  • homeopathic consultation
  • counseling
  • cupping massage
  • reflexology treatment
  • classic massage

Requirements: You are prepared to walk the path of healing and you have already had a first homeopathic interview or a treatment package.


I can offer this subscription only at a limited amount. Thank you for your understanding!



You still haven't found what you're looking for? Please feel free to contact me so we can pull together your personal package for healing. In case you cannot come to my office, please note that I also offer housecalls and - if the distance is just too great - consultations via Skype.

Furthermore, a variety of payment plans are available.

Important Notice: All private health insurances in Germany should cover these treatments. Additionally, some general health insurers have started to cover homeopathic and naturopathic treatments as well, so please inquire at your insurance company for the latest status.