Don't be a wallflower no more!

How to finally get the respect you truly deserve


Does this sound familiar...?


 - You often feel that nobody takes you serious even with all the hard work you do for your work and your family?


 - You are wondering if you are able to meet other people's expectations?


-  Your colleagues are talking about you behind your back?


-  You work 'til you drop and yet you are tossing and turning every night?


-  Your family has to endure your emotional breakdowns when everything gets just too much to bear?


- You often feel exhausted, powerless, without neither energy nor joy in your life?



How great would it be...


-   if you could calm down and find new energy?


-  if you could face the demands of life with a relaxed attitude?


- if your family and colleagues could finally appreciate your performance?


-  if you could find that inner confidence that you are able to do anything you want?


-  if you could wake up rested in the morning and get through your day balanced and happy?



The Minerva Method TM helps you in finding new strength, getting rid of tension in your body and relaxing like you've never done before.

Respectful talks, soothing massages and homeopathic support will give you improved confidence in your skills.

This in turn will allow you to properly showcase your abilities. Your colleagues and family will respect and appreciate you more.


Is it too late?


Maybe you have lost all hope that there is anything you might be able to change about your life? Maybe you have not even thought about seeing an alternative practitioner for your problems?

In precisely this situation you should give me a call and get more information!


If three or more of the points above match your life and you would like to have a companion on your journey towards calm and energy,

then please call my number (00 49) (0) 68 94-5 16 29 or

write me an email via so we can make a free appointment to get to know each other.


Best wishes

Maria Aldinger


P.S.: Brace yourself and get into touch with me! Especially if you find it hard to ask others for help, you will profit from this contact all the more. I will help to you find yourself, recharge your batteries and get some pep into your life.