Homeopathy and other terms explained



In homeopathy remedies of mineral, herbal and animal origin are in use. A combination of several principles makes this a truly unique therapy:

  •   In order to keep side effects to a minimum, the original substances are first diluted and then succussed or ground which awakens the remedy's power for healing. (This is comparable to a recording of music where the information - the music itself - is stored on a CD or other medium and there is no need for the original musicians to perform in person)


  • The remedies are tested (proved) by healthy persons who will experience the same symptoms that the remedy can heal in sick persons.


  • If a remedy is to work, the symptoms need to be precise and extensive - looking simply for "headache" would give you the majority of remedies available and not necessarily the one that will help you. So every little symptom and every little detail about the symptoms is important which is why an initial interview with a homeopath may take as long as 2-2.5 hours and many details such as food cravings, sleep position, dreams or aversions will be a topic.



Herbal remedies (phytotherapy)


In a way, herbal therapy is older than mankind for many animals know plants that wil help them with certain ailments. Classic phytotherapy, however, does originate in the ancient world of Greece and Rome though the range of plants used since then has changed somewhat.


Plants offer a finely tuned mix of substances that is equal or even more effective than most synthetic medication.

The most wellknown version of herbal remedies is a simple tea which is why most people have used it before.

However, there are also other ways of using herbs, such as poultices or baths, to name but a few.

Many common ailments such as flu, indigestion or minor injuries can be easily cured with herbal remedies.





Nerves are everywhere in our bodies. The majority of them end in our hands and feet which is why a special massage of these areas can positively affect faraway parts of the body. This also is a therapy which has proved effective for thousands of years.